7.4. Removal of the control unit (immobilizer) and indicator of a condition of the automobile anticreeping system (AAS)


We disconnect "minus" a wire of the rechargeable battery.
In salon we remove an upholstery of the left sidewall of a body (see Removal of the controller).

We disconnect the socket from the control unit of the FPÖ.

Head "on 8" we turn off two nuts of fastening of the block …

… also we remove the block from hairpins.

For removal of the indicator of a condition of system …

… we bring out of the dashboard of a wire of the indicator and we disconnect two sockets (green and black color).

From the inside of the dashboard the case of the indicator is fixed by a lock bracket.

Having removed a bracket, …

… we take out the indicator with wires.

We install the indicator and the control unit of the FPÖ in the return sequence.