5.2.12. Removal of throttle knot


The throttle knot is removed for replacement of the regulator of idling or laying of throttle knot.
We disconnect "minus" a wire" from the rechargeable battery.
Partially we merge cooling liquid (see Replacement of cooling liquid).

The crosswise screw-driver we weaken a collar of fastening of an air hose to throttle knot.

We disconnect an air hose.

We weaken a collar...

... also we remove a hose of ventilation of a case from the union of throttle knot.

Passatizhami is weakened collars...

... also we remove hoses of a supply and removal of cooling liquid from unions of throttle knot.

Having weakened a collar...

... we remove an adsorber hose from the union.

We disconnect sockets of the sensor of provision of a butterfly valve and the regulator of idling.

We disconnect from a gate drive pulley a cable (see Removal of a cable and pedal of the drive of a butterfly valve).

By head "on 13" with the extender it is turned off two nuts of fastening of throttle knot to a receiver.

We remove throttle knot.

Connection is condensed with laying.

The air stream in a receiver will be organized by the plastic plug.

Lysk on the plug it has to be turned to a flat surface of a receiver.

We establish throttle knot in the return sequence. The moment of an inhaling of nuts – 15–20 N. of m.
We add cooling liquid.