4.8. Removal of electric fans with a casing


It is possible to remove electric fans of the vpryskovy engine only after removal of a radiator (see Removal of a radiator).

On a photo the cowl is removed for descriptive reasons.

We disconnect the electric socket.

We incline electric fans with a casing to the engine...

... also we take out from a motor compartment.

The casing of electric fans leans on a body cross-piece via rubber plugs.

For replacement of the electric motor...

... we hook the screw-driver a lock washer...

... also we remove a krylchatka.

Pay attention to hollows in a nave of a krylchatka which at installation the electric motor shaft pin has to enter.
We disconnect conducting of the electric motor.
Head "on 10" we turn off three bolts of fastening of the electric motor to a casing.

We remove the electric motor.

We install the electric fan in the return sequence.