4.7. Removal of a radiator


We remove a pipe of a spare wheel (see Removal of a pipe and a support of a spare wheel). We merge cooling liquid (see Replacement of cooling liquid).
On the car with the carburetor engine we remove a fan casing (see Removal of a casing of the fan of the carburetor engine). On a photo the cowl is removed for descriptive reasons.

Having weakened a collar, we disconnect a hose of a broad tank from a radiator.

We weaken collars of taking-away and bringing radiator hoses.
We remove taking away...

... and bringing hoses.

On the car with the vpryskovy engine it is raised and we take aside a windshield washer reservoir.
Head "on 10" we turn off bolts...

... left...

... and right fastening of a radiator.

We take away an arm of a zabornik of air.

Having inclined a radiator to the engine...

... we take out it.

On a photo the 6th case of the air filter with a zabornik of air (the vpryskovy engine) are removed for descriptive reasons.

The radiator leans on an arm through rubber pillows.

Behind a radiator it is located or the directing radiator casing (on the car with the carburetor engine), or electric fans (on the car with the vpryskovy engine).