4.5. Removal and check of the thermostat


Malfunction of the thermostat can be checked, without dismantling it. At the serviceable thermostat after launch of the cold engine the allowing (lower) hose of a radiator some time has to remain cold, and then heat up quickly, indicating the beginning of circulation of cooling liquid on a big circle.
For dismantle of the thermostat we merge cooling liquid (see Replacement of cooling liquid).

Hit of cooling liquid in the generator puts it out of action.

That the remains of cooling liquid did not get on the generator, we cover it with a polyethylene film.

We weaken liquid supply hose collars in the pump, …

… perepuskny hose of the thermostat, …

… and taking-away radiator hose.
Having disconnected hoses...

... we remove the thermostat.

For check of the thermostat we lower it in a vessel with cooling liquid, we warm up a vessel and we control the beginning of opening of the main valve on the thermometer.
We install the thermostat in the return sequence.