4.3. Replacement of cooling liquid


Work is carried out on the cold engine.

We open the heater crane.
We turn off a radiator stopper.
We substitute capacity and we prepare a hose with an internal diameter of 16 mm.
In the left bottom corner of a radiator...

... we turn off a stopper...

... and through a hose we merge liquid from a radiator.
For discharge of liquid from the engine...

... a cap key "on 13" we turn off a stopper on the left side of the block of cylinders...

... also we merge liquid, having pressed the same hose to a block opening.
For drainage of a broad tank we disconnect its fastening (see Removal of a broad tank). We open a stopper and, having raised a tank, we merge cooling liquid through a radiator.
We wrap drain traffic jams, we return a broad tank into place.
We fill in cooling liquid through a radiator to the top edge of a jellied mouth.
We fill in liquid in a broad tank to level 3-4 cm higher than the mark MIN.
We launch the engine, we add liquid. We warm up the engine with the closed radiator stopper.
After cooling of cooling liquid we check its level.
If necessary we add.