4.2. Adjustment of a tension and replacement of a belt of the drive of the pump of cooling liquid


We check a tension of a belt on its deflection between pulleys of units.
At a normal tension of a belt its deflection under effort 98H (10 kgfs) has to make 10–15 mm...

... between pulleys of the pump and the generator...

... or 12–17 mm between pulleys of the pump and a bent shaft.

We regulate a belt tension generator shift (at the weakened nuts of its fastening): from the engine for increase in a tension or to the engine — for reduction of a tension.
For replacement of a belt we weaken a nut of fastening of the generator to a tension level...

... a head "on 17" on the carburetor engine...

... or a head "on 13" – on the vpryskovy engine.

We displace the generator to the block of cylinders for weakening of a tension of a belt.
We shift the generator, influencing it the screw-driver as the lever in a cut of a tension level:

on the carburetor engine;

on the vpryskovy engine.

On the engine 21214 we remove the sensor of provision of a bent shaft (see Removal of the sensor of provision of a bent shaft).
We take off a belt.

On the carburetor engine it should be taken out through a crack between a radiator and a casing.

We establish a belt in the return sequence. We turn a bent shaft clockwise on two turns and we check a belt tension. The excessive tension of a belt causes the raised loads of bearings of the generator and the pump.