3.32. Removal of the engine from the car


Work is carried out on a viewing ditch or the elevator.

We remove a cowl and a spare wheel.
We dismantle support of a spare wheel.
We disconnect a tip of a "minus" wire from a final collector.
We merge oil and cooling liquid from the engine.
We remove a radiator (at the same time on the VAZ-21213 car we remove a fan casing, and on the VAZ-21214 car — electric fans).
We remove the thermostat with cooling system hoses.
We disconnect hoses of a supply and removal of cooling liquid from heater radiator branch pipes.
We remove the case of the air filter (on the vpryskovy engine the case is removed with the sensor of a mass consumption of air).
We disconnect a cable of the drive of a butterfly valve from throttle knot and a receiver of the vpryskovy engine.
We disconnect drives from the carburetor of the VAZ-21213 engine air and butterfly valves.
We dismantle the generator and a starter.
We disconnect a reception pipe from a final collector and the transmission.
We disconnect a hose of the vacuum amplifier of brakes from the engine.

We disconnect hoses of air intake and ventilation of a case from throttle knot of the vpryskovy engine...

... and also adsorber purge hose.
On the VAZ-21213 engine we disconnect from the fuel pump a fuel supply hose, and from the carburetor – a drain hose.
On the vpryskovy engine we disconnect a fuel discharge hose from a fuel pressure regulator tube...

... and from a fuel stage and the fuel filter – a tube of supply of fuel with a hose (gradually pitting fuel pressure in system).

On the vpryskovy engine we remove the module of ignition and we disconnect a "mass" wire from a hairpin of fastening of a cover of the drive of the camshaft;
sockets of a motor plait of wires from the regulator of idling, a fuel stage, sensors detonations, the provision of a bent shaft and a butterfly valve, temperature of cooling liquid (two sensors), oil pressure.
On the carburetor engine we disconnect sockets of a motor plait of wires from the carburetor, the sensor distributor of ignition, sensors of pressure of oil and temperature of cooling liquid. We take plaits of wires aside.
We disconnect the central high-voltage wire from an ignition sensor distributor cover.
We turn off nuts of fastening of pillows of the left and right support of the power unit to arms of a cross-piece of a forward suspension bracket.
We dismantle average steering draft.
We disconnect fastenings of a reducer of the forward bridge to engine arms.
We turn off bolts of fastening of a cover of a case of coupling to its lower part and bolts of fastening of a case of coupling to the block of cylinders.
Not to damage the working cylinder of coupling at dismantle of the engine, we disconnect the cylinder from a coupling case (without disconnecting a hydraulic actuator) and we take on a hose aside.
Performance of the listed operations is given in appropriate sections.
We fix a cable of the lifting device on the engine:
on the right side – for a forward eye;
on the left side – for a back arm of the block of cylinders to which the reducer of the forward bridge fastened.
Raising the engine, we bring hairpins of pillows of the left and right support of the power unit out of openings in cross-piece arms. Then we displace the engine forward to bring the end of a main shaft of the transmission out of the bearing located in a flange of a bent shaft, and out of a nave of the conducted clutch plate.

We take out from a motor compartment the engine assembled with coupling and side support of the power unit.

We install the engine on the car in the sequence of the return to removal.
At connection of the engine with the transmission the main shaft of a box has to enter vents of the conducted clutch plate.