3.30. Dismantling of the oil pump


We remove the oil pump (see Removal of the pallet of a case and the oil pump of the engine on the car).

Cap key "on 10" we turn off three bolts of fastening of a reception branch pipe of the oil pump.

We remove a reception branch pipe with the reducing valve.

We remove the reducing valve...

... valve spring...

... and persistent washer.

We uncover the pump.

We take out the conducted gear wheel from a pump housing...

... and the leading gear wheel with the drive roller.

We wash out pump details gasoline or kerosene and we blow compressed air. In the presence of cracks and strong wear of the case, a cover and gear wheels we replace the pump. On the interfaced surfaces of the reducing valve and a cover of the pump there should not be забоин also agnails which can lead to pressure decrease of oil in the engine lubrication system.
Assembly of the pump is carried out in the return sequence. We oil pump details engine. After assembly at a provorachivaniye a hand of the leading roller of a gear wheel have to rotate smoothly, without jammings.