3.3. Replacement of oil in the engine


We change oil on completely heated-up engine. Work is carried out on the elevator or a viewing ditch.

On the VAZ-21214 car we remove a mudguard of the power unit (see Removal of a plate of protection of the pallet of a case and mudguards of the vpryskovy engine).

Hexagon "on 12" we turn off a case pallet stopper …

… also we merge oil in capacity not less than 4 l.

Oil discharge duration – not less than 10 min. We wrap a drain stopper.

The stripper turned off an oil filter...

… also we remove it.

Having oiled laying of the new filter engine, navorachivay also we tighten the filter on the union manually on 3/4 turns from the moment of contact of laying with the block of cylinders.

For filling of oil we uncover a maslozalivny mouth.

We fill in oil.

For control of amount of the filled-in oil …

… we take the index of level of oil (probe) from the directing tube.

Oil level on the probe has to be between tags of "min" and "max".

We start the engine. After on the dashboard the control lamp of pressure of oil goes out, we stop the engine. We double-check oil level. If necessary we add.