3.26. Removal of an oil separator of system of ventilation of a case


We take out the index of level of oil from the directing tube (see Replacement of oil in the engine).

Passatizhami is weakened collars of fastening of two hoses of ventilation of a case...

... also we remove hoses from oil separator cover branch pipes.

On the vpryskovy engine...

... by the screw-driver it is disconnected from the directing tube a bracket of fastening of the plastic holder of a tube of a supply of oil to a hydraulic natyazhitel of a chain of the drive of the camshaft.

We remove a bracket.

Cap key "on 13" we turn off the cap-type nut of fastening of a cover.

We remove a sealing copper washer.

We uncover an oil separator...

... and laying of a cover.

Navorachivayem on an oil separator hairpin two nuts of M8, …

… zakontrivay them...

... also we turn off a hairpin.

We take out a fixing hairpin of an oil separator.

Passatizhami we take out an oil separator from a nest of the block of cylinders.
We wash out oil separator details gasoline or kerosene and we establish in the return sequence.