3.2. VAZ-21214 engine

1 – case pallet;
2 – arm of fastening of the generator;
3 – block of cylinders;
4 – pillow of a support of the power unit;
5 – arm of a support of the power unit;
6 – coupling case cover;
7 – flywheel;
8 – detonation sensor;
9 – final collector;
10 – heat-shielding screen of an inlet pipe;
11 – inlet pipe;
12 – receiver;
13 – throttle knot;

14 – fuel stage;
15 – cover of a head of the block of cylinders;
16 – final branch pipe of a shirt of cooling;
17 – head of the block of cylinders;
18 – hydraulic natyazhitel of a chain;
19 – pulley of the pump of cooling liquid;
20 – camshaft drive cover;
21 – sensor of provision of a bent shaft;
22 – oil filter;
23 – nut of fastening of a pulley of a bent shaft;
24 – pulley of a bent shaft;
25 – cover of the pump of cooling liquid;
26 – pump housing of cooling liquid.

Petrol, four-cycle, four-cylinder, eight-valve, line, with the top arrangement of the camshaft.

Operating procedure of cylinders: 1–3–4–2, counting – from a pulley of a bent shaft. A power supply system – the distributed injection, engine management – the BOSCH MP7.0 controller (standard of toxicity of Euro-2). In system of release catalytic converter is established.

On the right on the engine (on the car course) are located: a receiver with throttle knot, the sensor of provision of a butterfly valve and the regulator of idling, an inlet pipe and a final collector, a fuel stage with nozzles and the regulator of pressure of fuel, sensors of a detonation and temperature of cooling liquid (for system of injection), the generator, the thermostat, a starter (on a coupling case). The case of the air filter with the sensor of a mass consumption of air is fixed on a separate arm to the right of the engine.

At the left on the engine are located: candles and wires of high voltage, ignition module, index of level of oil, oil filter, sensors of temperature of cooling liquid and pressure of oil (control devices). In front: drive of the pump of cooling liquid and generator (maple belt), sensor of provision of a bent shaft.

Tsilindroporshnevy group – same, as at the engine of fashion. 21213 (see the VAZ-21213 Engine). On a sock of a bent shaft the pulley of the drive of the generator and pump of cooling liquid with a gear disk – for reading of information the sensor of provision of a bent shaft is established. The disk has 58 teeths (the circle is broken into 60 teeths, but two are absent, forming a hollow – it is necessary for receiving an impulse of synchronization at each turn of a bent shaft). Cover of the drive of the camshaft of fashion. 21214 differs from a cover of fashion. 21213 existence of inflow with an opening under the sensor of provision of a bent shaft.

The gas distribution mechanism drive – a single-row chain. Respectively, asterisks of cranked and distributive shaft, and also a shaft of the drive of the oil pump – too single-row; they are not interchanged with details of the engine of fashion. 21213. At the same time number of teeths of an asterisk of a shaft of the drive of the oil pump reduced with 38 to 30 (synchronization of turns for operation of the sensor distributor of ignition is not necessary here), thereby having increased productivity of the oil pump (it is necessary in connection with emergence of a gidronatyazhitel of a chain and hydrosupport of levers of valves).

Boot of a natyazhitel of fashion. 21214 is much longer than a boot of fashion. 21213. It, as well as an uspokoitel of a chain, is made of wearproof plastic. Also points of their fastening are transferred. The axis of turn of a boot of a natyazhitel is in the lower part of the block of cylinders, to the right of an asterisk of a bent shaft (on its place in the engine of fashion. 21213 was a restrictive finger).

Natyazhitel – spring and hydraulic: the preliminary tension of a chain (at the switched-off engine) is provided with a spring, working (after launch of the engine) – an oil podpor under pressure which moves on a steel tube from an adapter under the sensor of emergency pressure of oil.

Instead of adjusting bolts hydrosupport of levers of valves (hydrocompensators of gaps) are installed in the valvate mechanism. They are powered by oil under pressure, brought on a separate tube from an opening in the case of bearings of the camshaft near an average hairpin of its fastening. Because gaps in the valvate mechanism are practically absent, the springs pressing levers of valves on the engine of fashion are not established. 21213. Also the form of cams of the camshaft differs.