3.13. Replacement of hydraulic support (hydrosupport) of levers of the drive of valves of the vpryskovy engine


Work is carried out in case of failure of one or several hydrosupport of levers of the drive of valves.

We uncover heads of the block of cylinders (see Replacement of laying of a cover of a head of the block of cylinders).

For assessment of a condition of a hydrosupport we insert the screw-driver between an edge of the case of bearings of the camshaft and the lever of the drive of the valve.

At the same time the cam of the camshaft has to be turned to the valve drive lever by "nape" (the valve is closed).
Leaning the screw-driver against the case of bearings, we press via the lever on a hydrosupport. In the normal state the hydrosupport has to prozhimatsya with considerable effort. If the effort is small, the hydrosupport needs to be replaced. For this purpose we remove the camshaft and levers of the drive of valves (see Removal of the camshaft and levers of the drive of valves of the vpryskovy engine).

Head "on 24" we turn off a valve drive lever hydrosupport...

... also we take out it.

In the same way we dismantle hydrosupport of levers of other valves.

We remove a frame of supply of oil to hydrosupport.

We shift the oil-feed plug of hydrosupport from a frame tube...

... also we remove it.

Similarly we remove three more oil-feed plugs of hydrosupport.

Tightness of connection of a tube of a frame and oil-feed plugs is provided with the rubber sealing rings installed in plugs. About one sealing ring, in others – on two is installed in extreme plugs. For replacement of a sealing ring we hook it the screw-driver...

... also we take from the plug.

Before assembly it is cleared, we wash out gasoline and we blow compressed air channels in a tube and oil-feed plugs of a frame. We install new sealing rings in plugs and we oil them engine. Accurately, not to damage a ring, we put on plugs a tube.
Before a vvorachivaniye of hydrosupport of levers of valves...

... the syringe we pump out oil from nests of hydrosupport in a head of the block of cylinders.