23.2. Removal of the crane of a heater


We merge liquid from the cooling system at the open crane of a heater (see Replacement of cooling liquid).
For descriptive reasons the operations performed in a motor compartment are shown at the dismantled engine.

In a motor compartment on a guard of a front of a passatizhama we weaken a collar of fastening of a hose to the lower branch pipe of a radiator …

… also we remove a hose from a branch pipe (the hose is removed from the top branch pipe of a radiator of a heater at dismantle of the engine).

Head "on 7" we unscrew two self-tapping screws of fastening of a sealant to a front guard...

... also we remove a sealant.

In salon we remove the ware shelf (see Removal of the ware shelf).

Key "on 7" we weaken a bolt of fastening of a clamping bracket of draft of the drive of the crane …

… also we remove draft from the crane lever.

The crane of a heater fastens to a radiator of fashion. 2105 (aluminum) two bolts, to a radiator of fashion. To 2101 (brass) – two nuts.

By head (under a square 1/4 inches) "on 10" with the cardan hinge it is turned off two bolts of fastening of the crane to a radiator.

We remove the crane with a branch pipe.

Key "on 10" we turn off two bolts of fastening of a branch pipe to the crane.

We remove a branch pipe...

… and laying.

We install the crane in the return sequence.

The lower nut of fastening of the crane to an aluminum radiator …

… when dismantling can drop out of a radiator tank nest.

At installation of a nut into place we fix it in a nest by plasticine.