23.1. Features of a design

System of ventilation – forced-air and exhaust. At the movement of the car air is forced in salon by a natural pressure through air inlet cracks on a cowl and sucked away through openings in back racks of a roof. For increase in air circulation at the movement it is possible to lower glasses of forward doors, and at a low speed – to turn on the electric fan. Air streams in salon are distributed by the air ducts located in the dashboard. On a windshield air arrives through the top slit-like nozzles on the dashboard, on side glasses – through side and, partially, central nozzles (with air stream guides), to legs – through openings in a heater casing (at the cast-away cover). For management of distribution of air streams the average and lower levers on the central console of the dashboard and also directing the central nozzles and their regulators serve.

System of heating – liquid, integrated with the engine cooling system. The radiator of a heater is installed in dashboard consoles in a plastic casing and condensed on perimeter with a porolonovy tape. Heating of air depends on extent of opening of the crane regulating a liquid stream through a radiator. The crane is installed on an entrance to a radiator and is run by the top lever on the central console.

The ME-255 fan electric motor – collector, a direct current, with excitement from permanent magnets. Frequency of rotation of the fan is regulated by the three-position switch on the dashboard. Depending on the chosen speed the electric motor is connected to onboard network of the car directly (big frequency) or via the additional resistor (small frequency). Frequency of rotation of a shaft of the electric motor with a krylchatka at a voltage of 12 V and the air temperature of 25±10 °C – 3000±150 min. –1. The consumed current with the maximum frequency of rotation – no more than 4,5 And.

Krylchatka of the fan is fixed on an electric motor shaft. The electric motor is not subject to repair at failure it replace.

At hit of rain water through a heater in salon we clean a water drain opening of a box of airinflow.