22.9. Removal and installation of a windshield


We remove a windshield for its replacement or dismantle of an upholstery of a roof. We remove leads of screen wipers (see Removal of screenwash).
We remove an air duct of heating of a windshield (see Removal of the central nozzles and air ducts of heating of glasses).
We remove sun-protection peaks.
Accurately we squeeze out the damaged windshield outside of an aperture, at the same time the assistant holds glass.
If glass needs to be removed whole, then we begin work with the top corner of a windshield.

We rest the Shlitsevy screw-driver against an internal edge of a sealant of glass and we fill it for an otbortovka. We fix a sealant, having inserted into the screw-driver formed a crack, but it is not deep that glass did not burst. We continue to fill with the second screw-driver a sealant for a roof otbortovka.

At first we release the top part of glass, and then two side. Along with two parties we squeeze out glass from an aperture...

... also we remove it.

We remove a fringing and a sealant from glass. Or torn we replace a sealant with the hardened rubber, suitable we clear and we wash out.
We stack glass on soft fabric.

We put on glass a sealant, since corners, and then on all perimeter.

We overturn glass and we fill a fringing in a sealant.

The joint of a fringing is closed by the lock.

We grease a sealant groove with soap solution or the getting lubricant of the WD-40 type.
Having turned glass, we fill in a sealant groove a cord 4-6 mm thick and slightly more than a perimeter of glass long.

The ends of a cord we gush over in the middle of the lower edge of glass.

We put glass to an aperture of a body and we align glass.
The assistant outside carefully presses the lower part of glass, and in salon we extend a cord from a sealant, at first for one end, and then and for the second.

Pressing a sealant fingers, we put it on an otbortovka more deeply.

Thus we rebuff all lower part of glass.

Weak blows by a palm on the top edge of glass in a downward direction we rebuff glass.

We extend a cord on lateral faces of glass.

We fill the top edge of a sealant, pulling out a cord in the direction from edges to the middle.

The assistant, pressing outside a hand a sealant, puts it more deeply on an otbortovka.
We establish the dismantled details and knots upside-down.