22.3. Removal of the lock of a cowl


Passatizhami we turn in the end of draft.

We shift a tube clamp.

We disconnect draft from the lock.

We straighten draft and we remove a tube clamp.

Felt-tip pen we lead round a lock contour.

Cap key "on 10" we turn off two nuts of fastening of the lock to an arm …

… also we remove the lock.

Through an opening in the cowl lock drive handle (the dashboard is for descriptive reasons removed) passatizham we take out draft from a cover and...

… we remove draft.

In a motor compartment by the screw-driver it is hooked the rubber plug of a cover of draft …

… also we remove a cover.

We put the lock on tags in the return sequence. If necessary we regulate its situation. Having weakened an inhaling of two nuts of fastening, we move the lock within fixing openings, trying to obtain its accurate work.