22:11. Removal of an upholstery of a door


We remove an upholstery of a door for access to mechanisms of the lock and a window regulator.

We hook the screw-driver a window regulator handle latch (the screw-driver we insert between a latch and a washer).

We take out a latch.

We remove the handle and a washer.

Having hooked the shlitsevy screw-driver, we take out a door handle cap.

By the crosswise screw-driver it is turned off two screws of the lower fastening of the handle to a door...

… and one screw – the top fastening.

We remove the handle.

The Shlitsevy screw-driver we hook an overlay of the internal handle of a door...

... also we remove a slip.

We hook the screw-driver eight percussion caps (two – on a forward edge, two – on back and four – on lower).

We bring the top edge of an upholstery out of an otbortovka …

… also we remove a door upholstery.

Under an upholstery there is a paroizolyatsionny film.
For replacement of a percussion cap …

… we turn it on 90 ° and we take out from a groove.