22.1. Features of a design

Body – all-metal, welded, the bearing design. Its elements are connected among themselves by contact welding (in hard-to-reach spots – electric welding by a semiautomatic device in the environment of inert gas). Joints of panels and welded seams are pressurized by mastic. Glasses – safe type. A windshield – three-layer, polished. The glasses of doors and glass of a door of a back – polished, tempered (back door glass – with a heating element). The windshield, glass of a door of a back and glass of windows of sidewalls are established in a body aperture in rubber sealants. Glasses of doors – lowering.

In front and behind on a body the power absorbing bumpers from aluminum beams of P-shaped section are established.

Front seats – separate, with adjustment of an inclination of backs and movements in the longitudinal direction. Head restraints – removable, regulated on height. A back seat – with an integral pillow and a back. For transportation of large-size baggage the seat can be put. Lobbies and back seats are equipped with three-point seat belts with inertial coils (only four places).

In alternative execution the car can be equipped with the conditioner, the hydraulic booster of steering, cleaners and washers of headlights, electroblocking of locks of doors, electrowindow regulators.

The system of heating and ventilation of salon is described in the section System of Heating and Ventilation.