21.8. Lighting and light alarm system

Scheme of inclusion of headlights and fog light

1 – headlights;
2 – main unit of safety locks;
3 – relay of inclusion of passing beam of headlights;
4 – ignition switch;
5 – switch of external lighting;
6 – control lamps of driving beam of headlights (at the left) and fog light (on the right);

7 – lamps of fog light in back lamps;
8 – switch of fog light;
9 – additional block of safety locks;
10 – switch of light of headlights;
11 – relay of inclusion of driving beam of headlights.

On the car two round headlights of head light are established. Lamps of headlights – dvukhnitevy (H4). Tension on thread of lamps moves via the relays of near and far light of type 113.3747 located under the dashboard on the left side. Characteristics of the relay: inclusion tension at a temperature (20±5) °C – no more than 8 V, winding resistance – (85±8,5) Ohms. Tension on windings of the relay moves if the key of the switch of external lighting (then the choice between near and far light – depending on position of the understeering switch of light of headlights) or irrespective of position of the switch is completely pressed – if the driver delays on himself the left understeering switch (driving beam of headlights is turned on).

On a part of cars the hydroproofreader of headlights intended for change of a tilt angle of headlights depending on loading of the car can be established.