21.6. Generator

Generator 371.3701

1 – podzhimny plug;
2 – plug;
3 – buffer plug;
4 – protection cover;
5 – screw of fastening of the vypryamitelny block;
6 – vypryamitelny block;
7 – gate of the vypryamitelny block;
8 – condenser;
9 – back bearing of a shaft of a rotor;
10 – contact rings;
11 – rotor shaft;
12 – the brush connected to a conclusion "In" tension regulator;
13 – a conclusion "30" for connection of consumers;
14 – the brush connected to conclusion "Ш" of the regulator of tension;

15 – a conclusion "In" tension regulator;
16 – tension regulator;
17 – conclusion of "61" generators;
18 – a hairpin of fastening of the generator to a tension level;
19 – krylchatka;
20 – pulley;
21 – plates of fastening of the bearing;
22 – persistent ring;
23 – forward bearing of a shaft of a rotor;
24 – rotor winding;
25 – polar tip of a rotor;
26 – stator winding;
27 – stator;
28 – forward cover (co of the party of the drive).

Scheme of connections of the generator 371.3701

1 – rechargeable battery;
2 – generator;
3 – combination of devices;
4 – resistor of 51 Ohms, 5 W;
5 – diode;

6 – control lamp of a charge of the rechargeable battery;
7 – block of safety locks;
8 – ignition relay;
9 – ignition switch.

Generator 9412.3701

1 – casing;
2 – a conclusion "In" for connection of consumers;
3 – condenser;
4 – the general conclusion of additional diodes (joins a conclusion of the "D" regulator of tension);
5 – holder of positive diodes of the vypryamitelny block;
6 – holder of negative diodes of the vypryamitelny block;
7 – positive diode;
8 – negative diode;
9 – tension regulator;
10 – back cover;
11 – coupling screw;
12 – forward cover;
13 – stator winding;
14 – persistent ring;
15 – forward bearing of a shaft of a rotor;
16 – pulley;

17 – nut;
18 – rotor shaft;
19 – conical washer;
20 – washer;
21 – polar tips of a rotor;
22 – stator core;
23 – plug;
24 – rotor winding;
25 – back bearing of a shaft of a rotor;
26 – bearing plug;
27 – contact rings;
28 – brush holder;
29 – stator winding conclusions;
30 – additional diode;
31 – conclusion of "D" (general conclusion of additional diodes).

On the VAZ-21213 engine the generator of 371.3701 type, on the VAZ-21214 engine – type 9412.3701 is installed. These generators are structurally similar and represent synchronous electrical machines of alternating current with electromagnetic excitement, with the built-in rectifier on silicon diodes and the electronic regulator of tension. The rotor of the generator is given to rotation from a pulley of a bent shaft of the engine by a maple belt.

Technical characteristic of the generator 371.3701

The maximum given current (at 13 V and 6000 min.-1), And

Tension, In
The direction of rotation (from the drive)

Technical characteristic of the generator 9412.3701

The maximum given current (at 13 V and 6000 min.-1), And


Tension, In
The direction of rotation (from the drive)

The stator and covers of the generator are pulled together with four bolts. The shaft of a rotor rotates in the bearings installed in covers. The lubricant put in bearings at the plant is calculated on all service life of the generator. The back bearing of the generator 9412.3701 напрессован on a rotor shaft is also drawn in by a back cover via the plastic plug, the forward bearing is pressed and завальцован in a forward cover and is replaced only together with it. Its internal holder together with a persistent ring and a washer is clamped by a nut between a pulley and a step on a rotor shaft. The forward bearing of the generator 371.3701 will be pulled together with four screws between internal and external plates and it can separately be replaced from a forward cover. A back part of the generator 9412.3701 is closed by a plastic casing on latches. On a back cover of the generator 371.3701 the casing with the rubber air inlet allowing to take away air for cooling of the generator from the top part of podkapotny space that reduces probability of hit of water in the generator at journey of deep pools and fords is established. On the engine 21214 such danger is less as instead of the mechanical fan of the cooling system (which inevitably sprays water), electric fans are installed there, besides they are ahead of a radiator.

In the stator of the generator the three-phase winding executed according to the scheme "star" is located (conclusions of phase windings have the general point). The second ends of phase windings are connected to the vypryamitelny bridge consisting of six silicon diodes (gates) – three "positive" and three "negative". Gates are pressed in two horseshoe aluminum plates holders according to polarity (positive and negative – on different plates); on one of plates there are also three additional diodes via which the winding of excitement of the generator after launch of the engine eats. Plates are united in the vypryamitelny block fixed on a back cover of the generator (under a plastic casing of the generator 9412.3701).

The winding of excitement is located on a generator rotor, its conclusions are soldered to two copper contact rings on a rotor shaft. Food is brought to a winding of excitement through two coal brushes. Contact rings of the generator 9412.3701 of the reduced diameter – it reduces the district speed of rotation and reduces wear of brushes. The brush holder is structurally combined with the regulator of tension and is fixed on a back cover of the generator. Tension regulator – non-demountable, at failure it is replaced.

Till 1996 at the generator 371.3701 the brush holder and the regulator of tension represented separate knots (the operating tension from the 30 plug of the generator moved on a conclusion of "B" of the regulator of tension). Now tension moves only to a conclusion "In" (a conclusion of "B" is absent). According to the characteristics new and old regulators of tension are identical and assembled with the brush holder are interchanged.

For protection of onboard network against power surges during the work of system of ignition and decrease in hindrances to radio reception between conclusions of "positive" and "negative" gates (between "" and "mass" of the generator) the condenser with a capacity of 2,2 мкФ-20%, located on the vypryamitelny block of the generator 9412.3701 and a back cover of the generator 371.3701 is connected.

At inclusion of ignition tension is brought to a winding of excitement of the generator (a conclusion of the "D" generator 9412.3701 and "B" of the generator 371.3701) through a control lamp in combinations of devices (the lamp at the same time burns) and the resistors connected parallel to it. After launch of the engine the winding of excitement eats from additional diodes of the vypryamitelny block (the control lamp dies away). If after launch of the engine the lamp burns, it indicates malfunction of the generator or its chains.

"Minus" of the rechargeable battery always has to be connected to "mass" of the car, and "plus" – to a conclusion "In" the generator 9412.3701 (to a conclusion "30" – a generatoa 371.3701). The return inclusion will lead to breakdown of gates of the generator.

During the operation of the generator it is not recommended to disconnect the rechargeable battery (especially on the engines equipped with system of injection). Tension throws arising at the same time in onboard network can damage electronic components of the scheme.

Generator gates (and other devices in onboard network of the car at the connected generator) it is necessary to check energized not higher than 14 V, more high voltage (for example, when checking by the megohm meter) can cause damage of gates. In need of check of isolation of windings high voltage the generator should be removed, and conclusions of windings – to disconnect from the vypryamitelny block and the regulator of tension.