21.3. Removal of the block of the relay


More to the right of a steering column under the dashboard the block from three identical relays of 113.3747-10 type, managing directors of inclusion is installed: passing beam of headlights, driving beam of headlights and heating of glass of a door of a back.
We disconnect "minus" a wire from the rechargeable battery.
For removal of the relay …

… we disconnect a block.

Having unscrewed the crosswise screw-driver the self-tapping screw, …

… we remove the relay.

The relay of inclusion of a starter and ignition are fixed under the additional block of safety locks (on the car with the vpryskovy engine are attached to an arm of the relay of system of injection).

The crosswise screw-driver we unscrew the self-tapping screw of fastening of both relays.

Having removed the relay, we disconnect blocks.

We install the relay in the return sequence.
As all relays – same, at failure of one of them it is possible to connect its block to other relay temporarily. For example, at failure of the relay of inclusion of a starter its block can be connected to the back door glass heating relay.