21:11. Cleaner and washer of a windshield

Scheme of inclusion of a cleaner and washer of a windshield

1 – windshield washer electric motor;
2 – electric motor of screenwash;
3 – ignition switch;
4 – ignition relay;
5 – block of safety locks;

6 – switch of a cleaner and washer of a windshield;
7 – conditional numbering of plugs in a switch block;
8 – relay of screenwash;
9 – conditional numbering of plugs in blocks of the relay and electric motor of screenwash.

oit from a motor-reducer, levers and brushes. The cleaner electric motor – two-brush, with excitement from permanent magnets, single-speed. For protection against overloads in it the thermobimetallic safety lock is established.

Technical characteristic of a motor-reducer

The maximum effective moment on a motor-reducer shaft at the supply voltage of 14 V and the ambient temperature of (25±10) °C, N. of m (кгс.м)

2 (0,2)
Frequency of rotation of a shaft in the same conditions at m 1 N.'s loading (0,1 кгс.м), mines –1, not less
The current consumed in these conditions, And, no more

The cleaner has two operating modes – constant and faltering; they join the right understeering switch. The faltering operating mode is provided to the RS-514 relays attached by two nuts to a forward left sidewall. The relay has to provide 9–17 turning on of the electric motor a minute at a temperature from-20 to 50 °C and supply voltage of 10 Century. (At inclusion of a screen wiper in the faltering mode of a brush can make up to four continuous double courses.) Relay electromagnet winding resistance – (66±2) Ohms, breaker windings – (23±1) Ohm.

The faulty motor-reducer is recommended to be replaced new. The bent levers correct, at wear of hinges – replace.
The washer of a windshield consists of the polyethylene tank with the electric pump installed in a motor compartment, the nozzles of a washer located on a cowl and flexible connecting hoses.

The washer joins procrastination on itself the right understeering switch (unstable situation). At malfunction of the pump it is replaced. The got littered nozzles can be blown in the opposite direction or to clean a scaffold or a thin needle.