21.1. General information

Electric equipment is executed according to the single-wire scheme: negative conclusions of sources and consumers of the electric power are connected to "weight" – a body and the main units of the car which perform function of the second wire. Onboard network – a direct current with a rated voltage of 12 V. At the idle engine all consumers eat from the rechargeable battery, and after launch of the engine – from the generator of alternating current with the built-in rectifier and the electronic regulator of tension. During the operation of the generator the rechargeable battery is charged.

The majority of electric chains is protected by fuses. Electric motors of motor-reducers (screenwashes, glasses of a door of a back, headlights – if are established) are protected by automatic bimetallic safety locks of reusable action. The power-supply circuit of system of injection (VAZ-21214 engine) is protected by a fusible insert from a wire with a vein of the reduced section (1 mm2). Chains of a charge of the rechargeable battery, ignitions (VAZ-21213 engine), launch of the engine, a chain "the generator – the ignition switch – the block of safety locks" are not protected. Powerful consumers (a starter, headlights, electric motors of fans of the cooling system, an electrogasoline pump, etc.) are connected via the relay.

Fuses are grouped in two blocks of the safety locks located at the left under the dashboard. The face value of safety locks and chains protected by them are specified in the table.

Safety locks of system of injection (VAZ-21214 engine) are in the separate block on the left sidewall under the dashboard.

The safety lock on 30 A protects a power-supply circuit of electric fans of a radiator, and three safety locks on 15 A — respectively an electrogasoline pump, the control unit (an entrance of a continuous power) and a chain of the main relay of system of injection (see also Control system of the vpryskovy engine).

At repair of system of electric equipment disconnect the minus plug of the rechargeable battery (at the switched-off engine).

Before establishing a new safety lock instead of fused, find out and remove the cause of burn-out.

Do not use safety locks of the increased face value or self-made – it can lead to the fire.   

Because of danger of short circuit do not hook the fused safety locks metal tools (screw-drivers) if the corresponding chains are not cut off power.

The chains protected by fuses

safety lock No.

The protected chains (current)
1 (16 A)
Heater fan electric motor.
The relay (winding) of cleaners of headlights and electric motors of cleaners of headlights at all provisions of brushes, except initial.
Relay (winding) of inclusion of heating of glass of a door of a back.
Electric motors of a cleaner and washer of glass of a door of a back.
Windshield washer electric motor
2 (8 A)
Relay and electric motor of screenwash.
Lamps of indexes of turn and the relay breaker of indexes of turn and the alarm system (in the mode of the indication of turn).
Control lamp of indexes of turn.
Back lamps (backing light lamp).
Winding of excitement of the generator (at launch of the engine) and a control lamp of a charge of a battery room батареи*.
Control lamp of blocking of differential.
Relay breaker and control lamp of the parking brake system.
Control lamp of insufficient level of brake fluid.
Control lamp of pressure of oil.
Index of temperature of cooling liquid.
The index of level of fuel with a control lamp of a reserve.
3 (8 A)
Left headlight (driving beam).
Control lamp of driving beam of headlights
4 (8 A)
Right headlight (driving beam)
5 (8 A)
Left headlight (passing beam)
6 (8 A)
Right headlight (passing beam)
7 (8 A)
Left forward lamp (dimensional light).
Right back lamp (dimensional light).
Lamps of illumination of registration plate.
Control lamp of dimensional light
8 (8 A)
Right forward lamp (dimensional light).
Left back lamp (dimensional light).
Lighting lamps of a combination of devices.
Board of illumination of control levers heater.
Lighter lighting lamps.
Lamps of illumination of switches
9 (16 A)
Indexes of turn and the relay breaker of indexes of turn and the alarm system in the mode of the alarm system.
Element of heating of back glass and relay (contacts) of its inclusion
10 (16 A)
Sound signal.
The plug socket for a portable lamp.
Plafonds of illumination of salon.
Back lamps (stoplight lamp)
13 (8 A)
Back lamps (fog light).
Electric motors of cleaners of headlights at the time of start-up and at the passing moments brushes of a starting position.
Relay (contacts) of cleaners of headlights.
Electric motor of a washer of headlights
15 (16 A)

* On release cars till 1996 in a combination of devices instead of a control lamp the voltmeter which was protected by a safety lock No. 2 too was installed.