20.9. Removal of a forward brake hose


We hang out and remove a forward wheel.
We disconnect a hose from the block of brake cylinders (see Dismantling of the forward brake mechanism).

Holding with a key "on 17" a tip of a brake hose, a special key "on 10" we unscrew the tube union.

We bring a tube out of a hose tip.

Passatizhami is taken out the fixing hose bracket.

Having oriented a lyska of a tip of a brake hose concerning an arm opening, we take out a hose.

The screw-driver we unbend the ends of a collar of fastening of a hose …

… also we remove a brake hose.

Similarly we remove the second brake hose.
We establish hoses in the return sequence.

We press out a collar of fastening of a hose sliding passatizha.

After installation of a hose we pump over the brake system. (see Pumping of brakes).