20.5. Removal of a tank of the main brake cylinder


We disconnect sockets of wires from the sensor of insufficient level of brake fluid.

We turn off a stopper and we take out the level sensor.

Key "on 10" we turn off two nuts of fastening of an arm of a tank to a body.

We remove two "mass" wires from the right hairpin of fastening of an arm.

We remove an arm from hairpins.

We take out hoses from the plastic holder.

Having inclined a tank, we merge brake fluid in capacity.

Passatizhami is weakened fastening collars …

… also we remove hoses from tank unions.

We install a tank into place in the return sequence. We add brake fluid and we pump over a hydraulic actuator (see Pumping of brakes).
For check of the sensor of insufficient level of brake fluid we include ignition and we lower the lever of the drive of the parking brake.

We press a finger the core acting from a tank cover.

The control lamp of turning on of the parking brake and insufficient level of brake fluid of a combination of devices has to light up. At a core otpuskaniye the lamp has to go out.