20:16. Removal and dismantling of pedal knot


In a motor compartment we turn off nuts of fastening of the main cylinder of coupling (see Removal of the main cylinder of a hydraulic actuator of coupling).

We remove the main cylinder of coupling from hairpins, without disconnecting a tube and a hose.

In salon we disconnect wires from the switch of a stoplight and a pusher of the vacuum amplifier from a brake pedal (see Removal of the vacuum amplifier of brakes and adjustment of a free wheeling of a pedal of a brake).
We remove a combination of devices (see Removal of a combination of devices).
We mark an arrangement of wires on contacts of the switch of ignition.

We disconnect wires from the ignition switch.

In a nest of the dashboard we disconnect three sockets of the understeering switch (it is possible to define these sockets, having moved plaits of wires of the understeering switch from below of a steering column).

We disconnect fastening to a steering shaft arm body (see Removal of a steering column).

We lower a steering column with a steering wheel on a floor of salon.

We bring blocks of plaits of wires of the understeering switch out of an opening in a dashboard cross-piece.

Head "on 13" we turn off four nuts of fastening of arms of pedal knot and the vacuum amplifier of brakes to a body front guard.

At the same time on the VAZ-21214 car, having turned off two nuts of the right fastening of arms, we remove a pedal of the drive of a butterfly valve (see Removal of a cable and pedal of the drive of a butterfly valve).

We take out pedal knot, having turned it rather lower cardan hinge of an intermediate shaft of steering.

Passatizhami we take out the forelock from an opening in a coupling pedal finger.

We remove from a pedal finger a plate with an ottyazhny spring.

We disconnect a plate from a spring …

… also we remove a spring.

We remove a pusher of the main cylinder of the drive of switching off of coupling from a pedal finger.

Key "on 10" we turn off a coupling pedal course limiter lock-nut.

The same key we turn out the limiter …

… also we remove it.

Key "on 19" we unscrew the stoplight switch buffer …

… also we remove it.

Holding a key "on 14" the stoplight switch, a key "on 19" we turn off a lock-nut.

We turn out the stoplight switch from an arm opening.

Having hooked the screw-driver, we disconnect a coupling servo-driver spring from a hook.

We remove a hook …

… and spring.

Two keys "on 19" we turn off a nut of a bolt axis of pedals of coupling and a brake.

We take out a bolt with a washer.

Pedals, bolt axis and remote plug.

In a lug of each pedal also two external cutting (plastic) plugs are installed internal (metal).

Assembly and installation of pedal knot is carried out in the return sequence. Before assembly we apply Litol-24 lubricant on plugs of pedals, the ends of springs and a junction of pushers with pedals.
At installation of the main cylinder of coupling we enter a pusher into a cylinder piston nest, we put on the cylinder hairpins and we fix it by nuts.

Useful tips

Adjusting knot of the parking brake:

1 – forward cable
parking brake;
2 – adjusting nut;
3 – lock-nut;
4 – back cable
parking brake;
5 – tube piece

Increase in a possibility of adjustment of the parking brake

If the carving stock on a tip of a forward cable of the parking brake is used (as shown in fig. and), it is possible to pick up a piece of a suitable tube (fig.) and to put on it a tip under an adjusting nut. Now the possibility of adjustment will increase.

Washer for fastening of a cable of the parking brake

If the parking brake ceased "to hold", the dispersed pads of the arm holding a cover of a back cable can appear the reason. In this case in an arm it is possible to apply a washer with a cut which should be inserted between an arm and the plug of a cover to fixing of a cover of a cable. The washer cut at the same time has to be sent contra to a cut in an arm.

Fastening of a cable:

1 – plug;
2 – cover;
3 – arm;
4 – additional washer