Проститутки киев

19.6. Replacement of antisplash caps and tips of steering drafts


Antisplash caps and tips of steering drafts can be replaced on the car. For descriptive reasons we carry out these operations on the removed draft.
For replacement of an antisplash cap …

… we force down him a drift from soft metal.

We clear the spherical hinge of old lubricant and dirt. If on a spherical finger traces of corrosion are found and the free wheeling of a finger in the case is felt, we replace the spherical hinge with a draft tip. New antisplash cap …

… napressovyvay on the hinge case a suitable piece of a pipe, leaning on a metal ring of a cap.

Before replacement of a tip of draft …

… we measure distance between axes of hinges.

Key "on 13" we turn off a nut of a coupling bolt of a collar of the adjusting coupling, holding a bolt a key of the same dimension.

The Shlitsevy screw-driver we unclench a collar.

Holding a pipe key the adjusting coupling, we turn off a tip (as the lever we use the pipe which is put on a spherical finger).

Internal (short) and external tips with spherical hinges, collars and the adjusting coupling.

We collect draft in the return sequence. We regulate tips so that draft was the same length (see a photo 3). After adjustment we tighten coupling collars on the coupling. Having replaced tips, we check a convergence of wheels (see the Angles of installation of forward wheels).