19.5. Removal of average draft


Work is carried out on a viewing ditch or the elevator.

Passatizhami we take out the forelock …

… and a key "on 22" we turn off a nut of fastening of average thirst for the pendular lever.

The bifurcate stripper pressed off a spherical finger of average draft from an opening of the pendular lever.

The finger can also be vypressovat, having put from below (near the hinge) sharp blow with a chisel with the dulled end on the pendular lever.

We take out a spherical finger from an eye of the pendular lever.

Similarly we press off a spherical finger of draft from a bipod.

We take out average draft.

We establish average draft upside-down.

The left finger of the hinge (implanted into a bipod opening), besides rotation, can shake (unlike right).

At the same time we focus draft at installation on the car so, …

… that its longitudinal axis was ahead of axes of hinges.