17.3. Removal of a half shaft and replacement of an epiploon


We hang out and remove a back wheel. We remove back brake shoes (see Replacement of back brake shoes).

Cap key "on 17" we turn off four nuts of bolts of fastening of a half shaft to a beam flange.

By the Shlitsevy screw-driver it is unbent lock plates of bolts of fastening of a half shaft …

… also we take out bolts.

We fix a wheel by a reverse side on a half shaft, наживив three nuts on several turns.

Having undertaken a wheel, by breakthrough it is shifted …

… also we take out a half shaft assembled with a plate of fastening of the bearing, the bearing and a locking ring.

We take out a sealing rubber ring of a flange of a beam.

We insert two bolts into openings of a brake board and a beam of the back bridge that the board did not hang on a brake tube.

We hook an epiploon sliding passatizha …

… or half shaft …

… also we take out it.

Tool head of the suitable size with the extender (or a pipe piece) we press a new epiploon.

At deformation of a half shaft, wear of its shliyets, and also wear of the bearing we replace a half shaft on new assembled with the bearing and a locking ring (independently it is not recommended to replace the bearing or a locking ring).
We establish a half shaft in the return sequence.
We check oil level in the back bridge and if necessary we add.