16.4. Removal and dismantling of the internal hinge


Work is carried out when replacing the hinge, its cover and lubricant.

We remove the drive from the car (see Removal of drives of forward wheels).
We clamp a drive shaft in a vice with overlays of sponges from soft metal.

Having removed collars, we shift a cover on a shaft.

We hook the screw-driver a clamp …

… also we remove it.
We mark mutual provisions of the case, a separator and a holder.

We remove the hinge case.

We hook the screw-driver balls …

… also we take out them.

Having shifted a separator, …

… a drift from soft metal we force down a holder.

We remove a separator...

… and hinge cover.

We wash out the case, a separator, a holder and balls. Traces of corrosion, the tease and a dent on paths are not allowed. In case of their detection we replace the hinge.
We assemble the hinge in the return sequence.
At assembly we establish a new lock ring and a rubber cover on a shaft.
We put in the hinge 150 of cm3 of SHRUS-4 lubricant.
We establish new collars (before an inhaling of collars we release excess of air from a cover, having hooked the screw-driver a landing corbel of a cover).