16.3. Removal of the external hinge


Work is carried out when replacing the hinge, its cover and lubricant.

We remove the drive from the car (see Removal of drives of forward wheels).
When replacing a cover we clear the hinge outside and we clamp a shaft in a vice with overlays of sponges from soft metal.

Passatizhami squeezed for ledges a small collar and, hooking the screw-driver, we separate it.

Similarly we remove a big collar.

We shift a protective plastic casing and a rubber cover on a shaft.

We clear and wipe a face part of the hinge from old lubricant.

Through a drift from soft metal we force down the hinge, striking blows to a holder end face.

The drift should not transfer effort to a separator or balls in order to avoid their damage.

We remove the hinge.

The hinge is fixed on a shaft by the lock ring located in a pro-point on the end of a shaft.

We hook a lock ring the screw-driver...

... also we remove it.

We separate a rubber protective cover and a plastic casing.

We remove a cover …

… and casing.

For replacement of a persistent ring …

... we remove it nippers.

We install the hinge in the return sequence.
At installation of the old hinge previously we clear it of lubricant.
Having cleared a shaft, we apply a thin film of new SHRUS-4 lubricant and we put on a casing and a new cover a shaft. We establish a new lock ring on a shaft.
We put in a cavity of the hinge 60 of cm3 of SHRUS-4 lubricant.

Through a drift from soft metal napressovyvay the hinge on a shaft.

We put on a cover the hinge case. We establish new collars (before an inhaling of collars we release excess of air from a cover, having hooked the screw-driver a landing corbel of a cover).