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16.1. Features of a design

To forward wheels the torque is transmitted through the hinges of equal angular speeds (CV JOINTS) connected among themselves by shaft. Connection of a shaft with hinges – shlitsevy, from longitudinal movement the shaft is recorded in hinges persistent and lock by rings. The shaft of the external hinge is connected by Shlitseva to a nave of a wheel and fixed by a nut of bearings, and internal – with a semi-axial gear wheel in the forward bridge.

Each hinge consists of the case, a separator, an internal holder and six balls. The last are placed in flutes of the case and a holder. In the external hinge these flutes are executed on radius at the expense of what he can transfer torque at an angle whereas in the internal hinge they straight lines that allows details to move in the longitudinal direction, "extending" or "shortening" the drive (it is necessary for compensation of mutual movements of a suspension bracket and the power unit). In a holder there is a shlitsevy opening for connection with a drive shaft.

Details of each hinge are made with high precision, balls of one sorting group are selected individually for each hinge. Therefore inadmissibly to replace separate details, and before dismantling it should be noted their relative positioning.

In the hinge before assembly SHRUS-4 lubricant is put. Tightness of the hinge – an indispensable condition of its reliable work – is provided with protective rubber covers. The cover is put on by the ends the case of the hinge and a shaft of the drive and fixed by collars. It is allowed to use only special collars with a smooth internal surface and without speakers of parts. The cover of the external hinge, is in addition protected by a plastic casing. On cases of internal and external hinges of a napressovana mud-reflective rings.

To replace separate details of hinges it is not allowed, except for covers, collars, casings of lock, persistent and mud-reflective rings.