14.4. Dismantling of the cardan hinge


We disassemble the cardan hinge only for replacement of a crosspiece assembled with bearings.

We remove the driveshaft (see Removal of the driveshaft).

Kruglogubtsami is removed four lock rings.

We mark hinge details so that at assembly to arrange them in the same situation.

We put tags with paint …

… or chisel.

We establish a stripper on a hinge flange fork.

The case of the bearing is pressed off from a driveshaft fork nest against the stop crosspieces in a fork.

In the absence of a stripper opiray a driveshaft flange fork on a support (a sponge of a vice) …

… and through a suitable piece of a pipe we strike with the hammer blows to a driveshaft fork, displacing it down to an emphasis in a crosspiece.

Similarly we press off the bearing case located from the opposite side of a fork of the driveshaft.
Operev a driveshaft fork on sponges of a vice, serially we press off cases of bearings from flange nests.
At both ways of a vypressovka of the case of bearings completely do not leave openings of forks, …

… therefore even if to shift a crosspiece against the stop in a fork, the crosspiece thorn from the case of the bearing is not taken out.

For a final vypressovka the case of the bearing needs to be clamped in a vice. That it was not turned in sponges of a vice, …

… by the detachable machine ("Bulgarian") it is pierced on the case of the bearing of a lyska.

Now the case of the bearing can be clamped reliably in a vice for lysk.

Turning the driveshaft around a bearing axis, we remove a fork from the bearing case.

We remove a flange with a crosspiece.

We press off the case of one of the bearings of a crosspiece installed in a flange also, as well as the driveshaft fork bearing case.

We take out a crosspiece.

Having clamped a driveshaft fork in a vice, a drift we beat out the case of other bearing which remained in a fork. Similarly we beat out the bearing case which remained in a flange.
Before installation of a new crosspiece we are convinced available lubricants of bearings – in each bearing 0,8–1,2 g of lubricant of Fiol-2U are put.
We put on epiploons thorns of a crosspiece and we insert a crosspiece into driveshaft fork nests.

In a vice with overlays of sponges from soft metal we press the bearing in a fork nest against the stop of its end face in a sponge of a vice.

At the same time we insert a crosspiece thorn into a bearing nest so that needles of the bearing did not drop out. In the course of a press fitting rocking we control ease of rotation of a crosspiece in the bearing.

Suitable piece of a pipe we repress the bearing in a fork nest more deeply than a pro-point under a lock ring.

Kruglogubtsami is established a lock ring in a fork pro-point.

Similarly we press the bearing in other nest of a fork of a shaft against the stop of the opposite bearing in an end face of a lock ring and we establish the second lock ring.
Focusing a flange on tags concerning a driveshaft fork, we insert crosspiece thorns into flange nests.

Poocherdno is pressed two bearings in flange nests …

… also we establish lock rings in its pro-points.
After assembly of the cardan hinge we strike blows with the hammer with plastic brisk to a fork and a flange to choose gaps between end faces of cases of bearings and lock rings (selection of thickness of lock rings see in the description of a design).
We check ease of a provorachivaniye of the cardan hinge.

Useful tips

Device for dismantling of cardan hinges:

1 – M14x70 bolt;
2 – top basic plate;
3 – coupler (2 pieces);
4 – lower basic plate;
5 – M12 nut (2 pieces);
6 – pipe pieces

Device for dismantling of cardan hinges

Dismantling of cardan hinges will be simpler and more convenient if to use adaptation shown in the drawing. The distance between basic plates is chosen depending on the hinge sizes.