12.3. Dismantling of an intermediate shaft


The intermediate shaft is sorted for replacement of the elastic (rubber) coupling or the hinge of equal angular speeds.
We mark a coupling arrangement concerning a flange, …

… and also number and an arrangement of balancing washers concerning the coupling.

Holding bolts from a provorachivaniye a key "on 19", a head of the same dimension we turn off three nuts.

We separate the coupling and a flange.

Turning the hinge, we take out bolts from openings of a flange of the elastic coupling.

Having hooked the screw-driver, we take out a plastic cap.

Having squeezed a collar sliding passatizha, we remove it.

We shift the screw-driver a plastic casing …

… also we remove a rubber protective cover from the case of the hinge of equal angular speeds.

We have the hinge case on the opened sponges of a vice and, striking blows through a drift from soft metal to an end face of a flange of the elastic coupling, we beat out a flange.

We separate the hinge and a flange.

We pull together a plastic casing from a rubber cover.

Having delayed a rubber cover, …

… we squeeze a collar sliding passatizha and we remove it.

We remove a rubber protective cover.

Having hooked the screw-driver, we remove a lock ring of the hinge.

Dismantling and assessment of a condition of details of the hinge are similar to the corresponding operations described in glaveprivoda of forward wheels.
We collect an intermediate shaft in the return sequence. In the touched or new hinge it is put 20 cm3 of SHRUS-4 lubricant. Before connection of the hinge with a flange of the elastic coupling we establish a small collar of a rubber protective cover.

Napressovyvayem the hinge on a flange, striking blows through a pipe piece to a hinge holder.

Before installation of the rubber coupling we press out it a collar.

The coupling which was in the use we have on tags concerning a flange. Former balancing washers we have on tags concerning the coupling. At installation of the new coupling balancing of a shaft assembled can be required.