12.1. Features of a design

The intermediate shaft transfers torque from a secondary shaft of the transmission to the leading shaft of the transfer case. It consists of the elastic coupling, a flange and the hinge of equal angular speeds. The intermediate shaft is aligned on secondary to a transmission shaft by the rubber plug.

The elastic coupling consists of six steel inserts connected by rubber crossing points. Due to the elasticity the coupling extinguishes breakthroughs in car transmission. The elastic coupling fastens to a flange of a secondary shaft three bolts passed through openings in inserts. Three other openings serve for fastening of the coupling to a flange on intermediate to a shaft. Under nuts of bolts balancing washers are located. When dismantling we note their arrangement then to establish on former places. Not to break balancing, we note a relative positioning and other details of an intermediate shaft.

On shlitsevy the end of a flange of the elastic coupling is put on the hinge of equal angular speeds. Its device to similarly external hinge of the drive of a forward wheel (see Drives of forward wheels). From shift the hinge is fixed by the lock ring located in a pro-point on a flange shaft. The hinge is protected by a rubber corrugated cover and a plastic cap in a back end face of the case of the hinge from dirt hit. The cover is fixed on a shaft of a flange and the hinge case by special collars with locks. Under a big collar (on the hinge case) the protection plastic cover is located.