10.8. Replacement of the conducted and conducting clutch plates


We remove the transmission (see Removal of the transmission). In order that bolts of fastening of a casing of coupling easily turned away, we tap their heads the copper hammer.
We roll a bolt of fastening of a case of coupling in an opening of the block of cylinders of the engine. To hold a flywheel from a provorachivaniye, we lean an assembly shovel against a bolt and we insert its end between flywheel wreath teeths.

Head "on 13" we turn off six bolts of fastening of a casing of coupling to a flywheel.

Bolts we turn off evenly, no more than on one turn everyone not to deform a coupling casing.

We remove the conducted and conducting clutch plates.

Establishing coupling, we focus the conducted disk the acting part towards a drive plate, and we insert the aligning mandrel into a nave opening.

We enter a mandrel into an opening of an internal ring of the bearing of a bent shaft and we enshrine a drive plate of coupling in this provision, …

… evenly (on one turn for pass) tightening bolts the required moment (see the Moments of an inhaling of threaded connections).
We take out the aligning mandrel from an opening.