10.5. Removal of the main cylinder of a hydraulic actuator of coupling


Having weakened a collar of fastening of a hose, …

… we remove a hose from the plastic union of the main cylinder.

We merge brake fluid from a coupling hydraulic actuator tank in the substituted capacity or we close a hose opening a cap.

Key "on 13" we unscrew the tube union …

… also we take away a tube from the cylinder.

Key "on 13" we turn off the top nut of fastening of the main cylinder of coupling to a front guard.

We turn off the lower nut a head "on 13" with the long extender.

We remove the main cylinder from hairpins.

Removal of a pusher of the cylinder is shown in the section Removal and dismantling of pedal knot.
We install the main cylinder in the return sequence. We pump over a hydraulic actuator (see Pumping of a hydraulic actuator of coupling).
If it is necessary to replace the plastic union or its consolidation, we hook the screw-driver …

… also we remove a lock spring washer.

We remove the plastic union and a rubber sealing ring.

We install the union in the return sequence.