1. General information

VAZ-21213 and its modifications – cars of the increased passability. All wheels – constantly leading (not switched-off four-wheel drive), are the mode of blocking of interaxal differential. The body – bearing, all-metal, welded. The engine – four-cylinder, line, petrol, four-cycle; an arrangement – forward, longitudinal. On VAZ-21213 the carburetor engine of fashion is installed. 21213 with a working volume of 1,7 l, on VAZ-21214 – the engine 21214 of the same volume with the distributed fuel injection. (Earlier on the VAZ-21214 cars the engine 21214 with the central injection of fuel and microprocessor system of ignition was installed). VAZ-21215 (is exported) is equipped with the diesel XUD-9SD engine with a working volume of 1,9 l of concern "Peugeot Citroën". The petrol engine and diesel in Russia practically do not meet the central injection and in the present manual are not described.

On the VAZ-21214 cars the system of decrease in toxicity with three-component converter is installed. In order to avoid failure of converter and the oxygen sensor operation of these cars on ethylated gasoline is forbidden.