1.1. Identification numbers of the car and engine

Identification number (VIN) of the car is beaten out on a mudguard of the right forward wing.

The duplicating identification number (VIN) of the car is beaten out on a floor of a luggage compartment on the right.

Data on the car are provided in the plate fixed on the horizontal shelf of a board of a front.

Number of the engine is beaten out on the block of cylinders at the left (over an oil filter).

Example of designation of data on the car:

XTA – a code of manufacturer;
212140 – car model;
1 – model year of release of the car;
1580133 – number of a body;
21214 – engine model;
1610 kg – the allowed maximum mass of the car;
2210 kg – the admissible mass of the car with the trailer;
1–780 kg – load of a forward axis – 780 kg;
2–830 kg – load of a back axis – 830 kg;
20 – execution option;
010 – number of a complete set;
1504738 – number for spare parts.