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VAZ 2121

VAZ-2121 Niva — the Soviet car of the increased passability. The SUV of a small class with the bearing body and the constant four-wheel drive. It is produced since April 5, 1977 till present serially (since 2006 - under the LADA 4x4 brand.). In many countries there are fan clubs of "Field".

In the summer of 1970 the chairman of the board of ministers of the USSR Alexey Nikolaevich Kosygin put a task to create the car of the increased passability with comfort of mass automobile models before staff of VAZ, AZLK and Izhmash. Prototypes of AZLK-415 and −416 and Izh-14 were created, but these cars were not ready to mass production. Designers of the Volga automobile works at a stage of development transferred many knots and units of Zhiguli mastered by the enterprise to perspective model. Completely "automobile" design of the car became one more feature — in the car there was nothing specifically "off-road", "Field" looked as the regular passenger car. In a design elements of design and a detail of VAZ-2106 were widely applied, and the salon was almost identical to this model. As a result it turned out as wrote one western automobile magazine, "As though "Renaults-5" put on the Lendrovera chassis".

In 1972 the first running prototypes of E-2121 (so-called "carriers of units") were created, in 1973 it was declared preparation for mass production, and in 1974 pre-series samples appeared. These cars passed a full cycle of tests, including, a run across the Urals and the Cis-Urals. For comparison with rival models experts used the British Land Rovers and Range Rover, and also UAZ-469. For assessment of road performance of "Field" combined "automobile" and "off-road" programs of tests. The order on statement of the car on the conveyor was signed on July 31, 1975.

The first serial sample of VAZ-2121 descended from the conveyor of VAZ on April 5, 1977. Soon after start of the conveyor the production plan by the all-wheel drive car was increased from 25 000 cars a year to 50 000 cars, and further — to 70 000 units. And soon about 80% of the released cars began to send for export ("Field" became the only Soviet car which was on sale in Japan).

The majority of the cars of 4х4 type which were issued in the seventies the 20th century were equipped with rigidly connected four-wheel drive (the constant four-wheel drive was used at that time only on Range Rover), the frame chassis, a dependent suspension bracket simplified by bodies with a Spartan interior (except the same Range Rover and Jeep Wrangler) and soft tentovanny top, as well as low-reverse petrol or diesel engines. Therefore the SUV with the constant four-wheel drive, a large number of innovative (world level) decisions like an independent forward suspension bracket, the bearing body closed comfortable all-metal, in combination with low (to world measures) the price caused a big sensation, and, subsequently, a set of imitations.

In 1978 VAZ-2121 it was awarded by a gold medal and it is recognized as the best car of the class at the international exhibition in Brno. In 1979 the State quality mark of the USSR was appropriated to "Field". In October, 1980 the car got a gold medal of the Poznan international fair.

"Field" (since 2006 LADA 4x4) was and remains to one of leaders of export of AvtoVAZ. Two very first special versions of "Field" were export: VAZ-21211 with the 1,3-liter motor (for the countries with expensive fuel and high taxes on engine displacement) and VAZ-21212 with the right wheel. The right-hand drive Fields version was very much in demand in Great Britain and even came in a small amount to Japan. In Austria having a set of mountain roads in the 80th years "Field" occupied up to 99% of the park of SUVs.

Since the end of the 90th for export modification of VAZ-21215 with the diesel Peugeot is made by small parties. The export potential of petrol "Field" remained in foreign countries till present. In 2003 — 2007 the plant successfully adapted LADA 4x4 under norms of Euro 3 and 4. A number of foreign tuning firms created on the basis of version "Field" with bodies a cabriolet and the pickup, and also sports and racing and tuning options.

In more than three decades from 1,8 million made "Fields" over 500 thousand were sent for export to more than 100 countries of the world. Annually about 15 thousand "Fields" were exported to the countries of Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe, including to Germany, France, Italy, England, Spain, Benelux countries and Greece. In these countries, and also in Japan in spite of the fact that the SUV is not delivered to the Land of the rising sun any more, there are clubs of fans of "Field" to this day. "Fields" and in Australia and Canada meet.

Today "Field" from the assembly sets delivered by AvtoVAZ is collected in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan (Asia Car and in Ukraine (the LUAZ plant of the Bogdan company). Earlier assembly of "Field" from SKD of sets was manufactured in Greece and in Ecuador where only in 2001 nearly two and a half thousand cars were assembled.